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Cupcake Vase  Vaselet Small Space Vase  Silicone Coasters

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Cupcake Vases

Save time and money with these unique Cupcake flower vases. Make perfect do-it-yourself wedding centerpieces or party decorations for cupcake parties and events.


Bud Vases

Petite stick on flower bud vases with original artwork mount anywhere bringing floral beauty to computer monitors, mirrors and dashboards.


Drink Coasters

Drink Coasters and Glass Charms all in one. Silicone beverage Coasters slip on and stay on going wherever your glass goes. Save your friends and your furniture.

Joster International is a Seattle based design company founded in 2007. Joster creates unique floral inspired products that are beautiful, fun and functional bringing smiles and a special touch to events, occasions and the daily routines of life. Enjoy browsing through the store. Wholesale customers please click on the wholesale button.